Google For EDU: Tech Tool Kit Introduction for the Series

Global Educator Support Series - Virtual Classroom Student Jobs

Google Classroom Video Series - How Do I engage Students in Their Learning

Design Thinking: Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century Webinar

Evolving Learning - Guest Presenter with Lainie Rowell

FallCUE 2020 Boom:
You are Where You Are

FallCUE 2020:
A Goole Innovator's Journey: Growing Your Problems into Life Changing Projects

Building Connection Using Google Tools.mp4

FallCUE 2020 Google For EDU Presentation: Building Connection Using Google Tools

*Follow Up on Conditional Formatting

Google For EDU: Google Jr Series - Writing An Email

Modeling Quality Engagement Expectations

From Problem to Project: The Story of Global GEG

What is Design Thinking Presentation for GEG Buenos Aires

Can We Talk? Spark Session (20 minutes)

Can We Talk? Personality, Teams, Conversations, and Feedback

Ignite Your Canva Spark

Vital Google Summit Presentation

Vital Google Summit

Eduprotocols 3 with Jon Corripo

A Shift in Mindset: Approaches to Distance Learning

SmackDown 2
Round 3 Champion!

EduProtocols 2
with Jon Corripo

Bootcamp MC Day 1

Bootcamp MC Day 2

Bootcamp MC Day 3

Moderator for Mental Health Matters

Professional Learning/Staff Presentations

ISTE- Build Connection Using Google Tools

ISTE 2021: Build Connection Using Google Tools

Innovator Journey

CUE 2021: A Google Innovator's Journey Growing Problems into Life Changing Projects

SVCUE - Collaborate to Honor the Voices in Your Classroom

CUE 2021: Collaborate to Honor the Voices in Your Classroom

Tech Tools March 16 PD

Tech Tools PD

Building Connections

LGHS Phase 2 Sessions

PD Remote Learning

Copy - Implementing Instructional Rounds, PD that matters

Instructional Rounds: PD That Matters Agenda

End of the Year Assessments - Written and Porfilios

Written Portfolios and Responses

Stephanie Rothstein slides

Step up your Slides Game

SGGGEGN Show Episodes

SGGGEGN Episode 8: Feb

SGGGEGN Episode 7: Dec

SGGGEGN Episode 6: Nov

SGGGEGN Episode 5: Oct

SGGGEGN Episode 4: Sept

SGGGEGN Episode 3: Aug

SGGGEGN Episode 2: July

SGGGEGN Episode 1: June

Interested in hosting your own EdCamp and need some support? Feel free to use the website below to learn about how I worked with other local teacher to run your own. Reach out for more info and I am happy to be a thought partner.

EdCampbell 2020 Organizer

If you are interested in the Google Innovator, Trainer, or Coach program, my application videos are below. I am always happy to support anyone in their journey as a thought partner. Feel free to reach out.

Innovator Application Video

Trainer Application Video

Coach Application Video

Special thanks to @MrsLeFave for this amazing Spetchnote of Can We Talk Presentation!